5 Surprising Health benefits of Olive oil

With the interest to get information on different forms of fats and what they do in your diet, you research for information from various sources and the information you get is quite conflicting. However, there is one aspect of olive oil that a lot of sources that point out the fact that olive oil is an important element especially the virgin olive oil. This is something to merry for since it implies that when you decide to drizzle it on your salad, you will not be having some reservation even when using it to fry chicken. When using olive oil, there is a wide range of its benefits that you might not be aware of. Here are five amazing health benefits accrued from using olive oil.

  1. It is Rich in Antioxidants

Due to the nutritious ingredients contents of the extra virgin oil, it becomes a favorite when it comes to very many recipes. On top of being a good source of fatty acids, it is also filled with some good amount of vitamin E and K. Moreover, what makes it more amazing is richness in antioxidants contents. The antioxidants are instrumental to the body as they help fight off serious diseases while at the same time curb cases of inflammation. When it comes to prevention of oxidation the cholesterol that is available in your blood, antioxidant play a great role in it and therefore helping in the prevention of heart diseases.

  1. Contains Vita Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Studies from various experts stipulate that chronic inflammation is one of the major root causes of a number of liver ailments. Some of the diseases that are serious and are included in this category are arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes cardiovascular diseases, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Olive oil is also attributed to causing a great magnitude of reduction inflammation cases. Evidently, some research studies have found that the antioxidant properties present in olive oil do curb the genes and proteins that, to begin with cause inflammation.

  1. Prevention and Protection Against Heart Diseases

In the recent past, heart diseases have been seen to be a prevalent cause of deaths in the world. Despite that, the Mediterranean Sea region is not affected as such by the problem. The resulting was trying and find out why this was the case when it came to the diet taken in this region. The finding was astounding in that Mediterranean diet had one key ingredient which is the extra virgin olive oil. Taking food prepared with extra virgin oil, your blood is protected against LDL particles being oxidized and lowering the pressure in the blood thereby the heart disease is consequently prevented.

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease Management

In the entire world, Alzheimer’s is considered one of the most prevalent neurodegenerative ailments. One of distinguishing characteristic of the disorder is that the brains cells are seen to be accumulated with a beta-amyloid plaque. Studies have established that olive oil goes a long way to help in the removal from the brain cells this plaque. Despite that the theory of being conferment scientifically, there are believes what Alzheimer’s can be prevented through the intake of olive oils.

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief

The characteristics that show the presence of rheumatoid arthritis are deformed and painful joints. Research studies have stipulated that inflammatory markers are helped by an intake of olive oil while at the same time it does reduce oxidative stress to an individual having this condition. Mostly, its effectiveness and reliability have been seen to be increased by combined consumption with fish oil.

To sum up, a diet rich in olive oil is a must for individuals who are interested in having a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that, unlike other oils that lead to accumulation of cholesterol in the body, olive oil works in the vice versa. The antioxidant characteristics facilitate the breaking down of the cholesterol that is present in the body. The preference is that it is advisable to have your meals prepared with olive oil, which is not only healthy but also makes the food yummy. For those who dread hearth diseases, take olive oil as often as possible and be lest assured you might spend your entire life without having been stressed by heart diseases. Combine the fish oil with the olive oil and your bones will always be healthy and strong.